Steri-Wash Pro Team!

Who is our pro team?


Every piercer who uses Steri-Wash aftercare products!


We value all of you equally and want to showcase everyones work together. We encourage our team to use #SteriWash #SteriWashProTeam and #SteriWasPAC on social media accounts! To be featured please send your content to 


On Facebook be sure to join our group: Steri-Wash Pro Team. That forum allows us to speak directly to each and everyone of you to gain important feedback on our products. It also allows us to work together on new products the piercing industry needs. Your expertise, opinions, and experience is valuable to us. Steri-Wash is committed to providing safe products for the piercing industry paired with outstanding customer service. Thank you for being a Steri-Wash wholesale customer and we look forward to working with you! 


TJ Kruger

Brand Manager